Samsung DVD-H1080 Player firmware upgrade

Today I solved a big issue for all the owners of the dvd player in subject: firmware upgrade. Infact about 5 minutes ago I upgraded mine. My version is the european black version but I think the procedure is identycal for all models.

Yesterday I bought it because it is cheap, performant and first of all, it is beautiful, not squared like all the others dvd player. It is perfect for my LCD TV in the kitchen.

As soon as I arrived at my home I downloaded the firmware and tryed every way to upgrade my unit following instructions on manual and also trying to put the file in a pen drive. I burnt a couple of cdr only because I used cdrw and one dvd+rw but there were no reason: it didn't work.

But today I tryed something different: thinking about Samsung LCD TV firmware upgrade that worked well from a pen drive, I worked on it also for the player... and I DID IT!!!

All you have to do is:
  1. rename the long name file with H1080A.bin.
  2. copy it to the main directory with some media files and insert it with the player turned off.
  3. turn on the player and wait for the prompt to check if you have already the last version installed.
  4. push play and wait.
  5. the unit will shut off automatically at the end.
  6. if you want to be sure you have upgraded your unit leave the pen drive and repeat point 3 checking versions' comparison. If versions are the same, turn off the player, otherwise go on to point 4.
  7. remove pen drive and delete the firmware file in order to use the pen for multimedia files.

I hope this procedure will help all of Samsung fans.

PS: My pen drive was a FAT32 2Gb with some media files like jpg, mp3, avi, divx, mpg, etc..


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