Fountain Pen Review: Waterman Expert II Dune Blue CT Medium

1) First impressions

I always liked the blue pens and when I saw this pen at an ebay auction I have not hesitated to participate in view of the beautiful sea color. I bought it on November 14th, 2006 from the ebay seller lazylombster, paid € 16.86 + shipping cost of € 9.97, a bargain considering that the quotes for a new pen from dealers were of € 75.00 at the purchase date. The pen, however, was new and arrived in perfect condition in its box and in fairly reasonable time. The pen was accompanied by the medium value Waterman standard blue carton box with shell opening, double bottom, 2 cartridges and instruction booklet, but since the sale was not from a dealer it had no warranty.

2) Aesthetics and finishing
The pen, with an intense blue color and chromed trims, has a black smooth plastic handle and the rest of the pen, including the cap, is metallic effect shiny lacquered metal. Hence the name of the model that recalls the undulations of dunes. The pen appears solid and sturdy, perfect in detail, with no smudges or imperfections. The pen is considerably above expectations since the photo did not give the correct value.

3) Design / Size / Weight
The pen is almost entirely in metal except for the grip and the final part of the body. The design is very aerodynamic like almost all modern Waterman pens of the medium-low class. The back of the body is flat while the end of the cap is slanted. The pen is not perfectly cylindrical but has a cigar shape, and the cap follows the same line too. The pen is medium-sized regular and meets my taste. The balance of the pen is good even without the cap; however it is preferable to use it posted to avoid fatigue in long hand writing and in this way the pen is even more elegant. The weight of the pen is gr. 30 while its dimensions are: 142 mm closed, 126 mm uncapped, 152 mm posted, 79 mm body, 13 mm body diameter, 65 mm cap, 14 m cap diameter, 47 mm handle, 11 mm handle diameter, 18 mm nib, 7 mm nib wingspan.

4) Nib design and performance
The polished dark steel nib is a medium-small with a Medium line, and comparing it with others it seems right even though with some highly absorbent papers the line seems broad. The nib is smaller than the one on Waterman Kultur series but it seems much more performant because it slips well on any type of paper, and doesn't even sled where hand was resting. It is hard and the ink flows well even though, when pausing, it tends to accumulate and create a first word darker. It has a plastic feed with strips inside. It appears blocked because also applying a medium force I cannot unscrew it and I do not want to further force in order not to damage the pen. Overall I am satisfied with it, having even tried different types of paper, but with Moleskine shadow effect is more pleasing.

5) Filling System
Like all mid-pens, this pen is cartridge / converter, but it was not included in the package. The pen can operate only with long cartridges as it has the internal brass protection that prevents the use of the short cartridges while permitting the use of the converter. I always suggest to use only Waterman cartridges in Waterman pens because the section of the international and Pelikan cartridges is smaller than the Waterman feed, and forcing it can break.

6) Cost / Value
As already mentioned, this pen was a bargain because it was paid € 16.86 + € 9.97 of shipping cost and the price of the new one at the dealers was € 75.00. Compared to my collection the pen is placed in an intermediate area. However I am fully satisfied with the purchase.

7) Overall opinion and conclusions
Before buying the pen I had ever seen any advertising on it but as soon as I saw the auction, I immediately liked it, by instinct, "by skin" and I have never regretted it. Although it is a mid class pen, it is comfortable and charming and knows how to attract all eyes. Of this model there are many versions that change the name depending on the color and finish, but this Dune Blue CT is very beautiful. I can only be a happy owner and recommend it to others.


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